Marketing your new listing isn’t just about placing a sign in the yard, printing pricey brochures and postcard, or hosting open houses.   It’s about standing apart from the pack!  Leaving a property in “as is” condition will only help sell the competition, especially when the competition is already using home staging as a marketing tool!

Home Builders

Many builders have found that staging inventory homes helps buyers visualize living there. Plus, when buyers walk into a furnished room, they’re looking at how the house lives instead of nitpicking where the light fixtures are located. Builders can achieve the goals of staging without spending a fortune, just by paying attention to some basic principles.

Investors and Flippers

Many real estate investors miss the mark when the time comes to list the house for sale! They will sinks tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor into renovating a home, it’s puzzling when the renovations are complete and they decide to list the house before the paint has had a chance to dry! The house will often go to market without furniture or accessories of any kind, drastically lowering its full profit potential.

Occupied Homes

You do not want to showcase the owners living habits and lifestyle; you want to showcase the feature of the home so the buyer can focus on the homes features and see themselves living in it.  If your clients are ready to invest their time and energy, I am ready to help them prepare their home for the real estate market.

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Why Home Staging Is A Must

  • Faster Sale – In 1/3 of the time – and it costs less than an extra mortgage payment!
  • Higher Offers – Sell for 6-17% more!  Recoup many times your staging costs.
  • Wider Appeal – Property will appeal to a majority of potential buyers.
  • More Showings – More agents are willing to show move-in ready property to their clients.
  • Reduce Negotiation – We reduce the issues that buyers use for price negotiation.
  • Competitive Edge – Your home will stand out above the competing properties.