Many real estate investors miss the mark when the time comes to list the house for sale! They will sinks tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor into renovating a home, it’s puzzling when the renovations are complete and they decide to list the house before the paint has had a chance to dry! The house will often go to market without furniture or accessories of any kind, drastically lowering its full profit potential. While much care is taken to choose the perfect new kitchen cabinets and counter tops, tile for the bathrooms and gorgeous flooring for the living room, when these homes go on the market empty, money is being left on the table. They are missing out on the greater profit potential they could enjoy.

After investing a significant amount of time and money into a house you plan to flip, why not spend a bit more money before listing on home staging so your flip will sell faster for more money?

Here are a few more specific questions to ponder:

  • Is the market that your home is in have a lot of competition?  If so, then stage
  • Is the home bland in its appearance?  Does it lack architectural detail?  If so, then stage.
  • Is the floor plan open and the spaces undefined?  If so, then stage.
  • What impact will the cost have on your profit margins?  The more expensive the home, the greater likelihood that you should stage.