“I met Millie White at a virtual property tour in Lakeway.  I had a house that was currently listed on MLS, which had one room that was capable of being a bedroom, game room, study, or movie room.  The room was originally full of little pink furniture as the daughters game room and my homeowner’s did not have the proper furniture to stage the room.  Millie  did a superb job transforming it into a classy yet comfortable guest bedroom. Our showing comments for the house improved and we were under contract within a few weeks!  Thank you Millie!  If you would like to see before and after pictures feel free to contact me.“  – Mia S. Reiley, Reilly Realtors, Austin ,TX

“I had a listing in a VERY popular downtown condo development, with a world class view of the lake to the south, the bridges and lake to the west and the city skyline to the NW. Even with those views, it did not sell for several weeks, the furnishing were not complete or of the quality that you might expect in a 500k+ condo. So I contacted several stagers, mostly due to word of mouth and/or good web based reviews. Without a doubt, Millie provided the most responsive and well thought out recommendation for our situation, so I gave her a try. What a great inspired decision! Millie worked quickly to meet my needs and VERY VERY hard to make the inside of the condo every bit as impressive as the view. Her value was undeniable when we received a full price cash offer within hours of the completion of the staging. My free advice… First spend the money and stage your listings; next, give Millie a call and let her help you achieve a quick sale for your clients!”  – Steve Roberts, Central Metro Realty, Austin, TX

“Millie staged and decorated my elder sister’s Assisted Living apartment – living area, coffee service area, bedroom area, patio and bath.  Millie, in fact, decorated TWO versions of the apartment because the first one was taken from us by the Assisted Living place in a snafu that was their fault. But Millie was calm and sweet despite the nightmare of switching.  AND she did all the decorating of two places in 36 hours.  A miracle worker.  The result was a beautiful little suite that is the envy of the other residents and greatly helped smooth my sister’s transition.  Millie returned a few times to tweak arrangements at my sister’s request and she and her crew installed a smoking screen on a difficult to fit awning.  Highest recommendation and eternal thanks to her.” –  Jb F., Atlanta, GA.

“Millie has such a gift to take a room and create something amazing to behold!  I have been a huge fan of her decorating for years and I am very impressed with her sense of style.”   – Laurie M., Austin, TX

“Millie can adapt her highly creative skills and relentless enthusiasm to create a fantastic new and revitalized look” – “You provide the space and Millie will make any space a place you will enjoy for years”  – James W., Austin, TX

“Millie has a true creative knack for seeing the potential for a home… Her results are amazing! I’d recommend Millie to everyone who would like to update their look with a true designer’s touch!”  – Robin J., Austin, TX

“From drab to fab! Millie has a wonderful ability to envision and create a beautiful space from the canvas of a dull room; usually just by rearranging what’s already there.”   – Lauren W., Austin, TX

“Millie’s flares for decorating and incredible imagination are something that can’t be taught.  I have been amazed for years at her incredible talent.  She understands colors, textures as well as special constraints.  I have seen Millie transform the drab into everything from classy, regal and even whimsical at times.  Her gift would rival any decorator out there.  I recommend her highly as I’ve seen her able to work with any budget and have the final product still come out magical.”   – Debbie M., Livermore, CA

“Millie sees possibilities that no one else can. The rooms Millie designs not only reflect her excellent sense of design, but also the client’s personality. ”  – Michelle V., Austin, TX