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Our Story

Millie had a love for interior decorating since I was a little girl. She carries a reputation for having a creative eye and coming up with ideas that no one else could ever think of. Her mother says that as a little girl she was constantly redecorating her Barbie Doll Townhouse and turning her bedroom into a pretend house. Those were her masterpieces! 

Millie has always taken pride in decorating her own home and there is always a decorating project taking place there. She’s one of those DIY'er on steroids and she doesn't miss one detail.

In 2014, Millie took a leap in faith and turned her passion for home decorating into reality... that became the evolution of 3Sixty Home Staging. Her previous experience in Corporate Recruiting and Sales helped her prepare for working with clients, budgets, and meeting tight deadlines. Millie’s has help sell over 200 homes and has many success stories of how staging has helped owner sell their homes faster and for more money! Home Staging in Austin 3Sixty Home Staging in Austin

Millie White, Owner,  3Sixty Home Staging

Millie White, Owner, 3Sixty Home Staging